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Cutting-edge Technology for Effective Business Processes

Cleaning services have come a long way, especially since the pandemic. Everybody has become more self-conscious of the cleaning and sanitization habits, especially when they’re interacting with people outside of their homes.

Using state of the art technology, at Ultraclean, we have always managed to stay one step ahead providing our customers with cleaning services they’ve grown to trust and depend on, now more than ever. Innovative tools and processes have altered traditional cleaning processes making it more scientific, precise and cost-effective.

Steam Cleaning

This is one of the most eco-friendly ways to clean a space primarily because we use very little water and yet at the same time eliminate 99.9% of bacteria, effectively. Steam cleaning is the most preferred cleaning methodologies worldwide.

Rope Access Technology

This is a technology certified by IRATA (Industrial Rope Access Trade Association), which is carried out by well-trained professionals for window cleaning of high-rise buildings or for all structures situated above 3 meters from ground level using rope access. All personnel involved in this activity are experts and fully insured. This is not only time-saving but is also cost-effective and safer than conventional methods such as ladders and scaffoldings.

HSE & PPE for Best Safety Measures

We only use the best health and safety equipment and personal protection equipment, approved as per national regulations for the protection of our personnel. We ensure that we choose the right type to protect different parts of the human body such as appropriate goggles for the eyes, helmets, bump caps and hairnets to protect the head and neck, and etcetera.

Approved water-based chemicals for House Cleaning

We only use nationally approved water-based chemicals for cleaning purposes. This is much more eco-friendly and least harmful for our personnel as well as inhabitants of the spaces we clean. By promoting and only using environment-friendly cleaning solutions, we are doing our bit to save the planet.

Digital Transforming

We offer state of the art yet customer-friendly digital technology platforms to create more effective business processes, culture, and customer experiences in tandem with forever evolving business and market requirements.

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